“Meanwhile, back at the ranch”

There is a lot going on in the design room and the shop while the foundation is being dug and the walls poured.

Shop drawings of house components are regularly sent to the shop team, Shawn, Kevin, Bradford, Amos and Daniel (among others).

The components include all the the floor system (joists and pre cut plywood sub floor) the exterior walls (including insulation, windows, doors and siding), and the roof system (ceiling paneling, rafters, insulation, roof sheathing and shingles).

All of these parts are pre-built in the large comfortable shop at Mandala.

Why factory build rather than site build?

Some of the reason are:

  • Sophisticated computerized design produced shop drawings
  • Components are built in a controlled environment
  • High quality framing equipment and cutting procedures
  • Ergonomically set-up work stations are healthier for the workers
  • Materials are stored indoors, away from damaging weather
  • There’s less construction waste