Mandala Custom Homes Home Owner Guide

Our Mandala Custom Homes “Home Owner Guide” is your roadmap to creating your new round home — a dream home like no other! 

When you choose Mandala Custom Homes, you choose a building partner to design and fabricate your new home. 

You can rest assured that our team of expert building professionals shares your excitement to build your new home and is committed to making every step as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Our handy “Home Owner Guide” provides you with all the essentials – a road map – to help guide the creation of your new home. To give you a little peek into the Mandala Custom Homes process, here are 20 essentials from our Home Owner Guide:

  1. History of Mandala Custom Homes: Mandala Custom Homes Inc. was established in 2000 — designing and pre-building custom homes, cottages, public, and commercial buildings in our environmentally controlled production facility in Nelson, B.C., Canada. With an award-winning reputation as a leader in excellent customer service, our goal is and has always been, to create energy-efficient, healthy and sustainable homes.
  2. The mission: Our mission at Mandala Custom Homes is to “Make life more wonderful.” We believe that we can make the world a better place – one home at a time. 
  3. Our exceptional, expert team: When you choose a Mandala Custom Homes home, you know you will be working with a team of talented, knowledgable, experienced professionals to create a beautiful, functional, and environmentally sustainable home. 
  4. Discovery: The first step is discovery — you’ve found Mandala Custom Homes! – as you explore how to fulfil your dream of living in a beautiful, healthy, sustainable, faceted round home. This is an opportunity to start asking questions:  timeframe, process, availability, cost, and more. Get in touch — email, call, or drop-in, we’re here for you! 
  5. Choose your floor plan: Once we have answered your initial questions, it’s time to get thinking about the floor plan that will be best for you! Choose your favourite floor plan and Eco Package and start planning the design of your new home. 
  6. Research: Armed with an Initial Estimate of the cost of your desired plan, you can begin informed research and discussions about your site, financing, and contractor options. 
  7. Choose your contractor: We do not assemble your Mandala Home once it’s on site. We are pleased, however, to offer you some suggestions of what to look for when hiring a contractor to complete the assembly and finishing. 
  8. Reserve your production time: Shore up the production timeline so that your home is ready when you are. Reserving your production time ensures you receive your home components at a time that is synchronized with your project calendar.
  9. Design: With plan and timeline sorted, it’s time to identify all of the features you’d like included in your home. 
  10. Client Questionnaire: To further the process, your designer will review with you our detailed Client Questionnaire to establish the basic requirements and facets of your home. With your input, your designer will create the plans and 3D images using 3D architectural software. 
  11. Design acceptance and final cost proposal: Review your plans and pricing, confirm your financing, review the timeline and sign on the dotted line!
  12. Required construction documents: Your designer will prepare the plans required for permits and the construction documents, such as the Production Contract.
  13. Produce your home package: Your home is being built!  Piece-by-piece, gathered into packages, marked and labelled for transport – it’s soon on its way to your home site. As we take care of the construction, this is when you complete the preparations to the final building site including the completed foundation.
  14. Ship your home package: We have prepared the components of your home are prepared in packages with a detailed packing list, to be loaded on a truck(s), or into a shipping container. 
  15. Your shipment arrives! Your Mandala Home Package arrives on a flat deck truck or in a container with most numbered components bundled and wrapped to protect against the weather. 
  16. The essential Packing List: The Packing List that accompanies your order will tell you what is in each package and the numbers on the components will be consistent throughout the drawings. It also allows you to best plan where the components should be placed on the building site; for example, floor joists should be stored close to the foundation. 
  17. The Assembly Manual: Your handy Assembly Manual will be important to help you and your contractor organize the components in the order they will be used. 
  18. Assemble: Once the shipment of home components arrives on site, the fun begins! You and the contractor assemble the home with the help of your customized Assembly Manual. 
  19. Finish: Once the assembly of your Mandala Home Package is done, your contractor takes over the interior and exterior finishing to complete your home. 
  20. FAQs: No home project is seamless and there’s plenty we learn on each project, even today. We often get great questions from our clients that help us reflect on our processes as well as continue to refine them. We offer you the benefit of this feedback!

 We’re always ready to answer all of your questions and can’t wait to work with you to create the Mandala home of your dreams. 

Get your Mandala Custom Homes Home Owner Guide today!