Mandala Custom Homes prefab home

There are so many great reasons to build a prefab home. Enjoy benefits such as faster and more durable construction, green building, and cost savings, to name just a few.

Prefabricated construction, despite setting an innovative new standard in home construction, doesn’t get near the attention or popularity it deserves. With significant benefits to home builders, homeowners, and the planet alike, it’s a trend we at Mandala Custom Homes believe should be more seriously catching on.

Prefab home construction began to take hold in the 1970s when architects and builders recognized the savings – build times and labour costs – when the home building process was transitioned from the homesite into a factory. Over the ensuing decades, while prefab has long been the go-to for low-cost housing, the innovations in this method of construction have allowed manufactured homes to also appeal to high-end markets, especially those with an interest in green building and sustainability.

When you choose a Mandala prefab home, you’ll enjoy the advantages – beauty, style, and superior quality – of a custom-designed dwelling, particularly compared to traditional stick-frame building, as well as so many other benefits that will make you glad you did. Discover the value of a quality-made prefab home:

  1. Panelized, prefab home construction evolved from traditional “stick frame” construction. It adopted the technology from traditional framing and brought it into an innovative, controlled, and efficient manufacturing environment.
  2. The ability to efficiently execute cool and inspired home design. With computer-assisted design programs, our expert design team and engineers can integrate your ideas into the custom home design of your dreams.
  3. With a skilled and experienced architect and engineer, there’s really no limit to what you can build with prefab construction.
  4. Fast and highly exact, the plans for your home are sent directly from the designer’s computer to the panelization shop floor, ensuring your home is built accurately and efficiently.
  5. Every Mandala Homes package begins by constructing the home’s essential structural components in a climate-controlled facility before moving to the building site where the final assembly will occur.
  6. Building the home in a factory limits delays due to weather and makes the delivery date far more predictable and certain.
  7. Factory assembly means reduced construction material waste.
  8. Panelized, prefab home construction means far less environmental interference and impacts at the building site.
  9. Factory assembly means for much easier cleanup during and post-construction at the job site compared to that resulting from traditional home construction.
  10. Prefab homes require far fewer hours on the building site. Fewer hours on-site translates into savings on labour costs.
  11. Prefab homes are constructed to lock-up and weather-tight in only a matter of days.
  12. During the cycle of construction, a new, prefabricated home is kept safer and dryer, reducing the chances of damage – warping, mold, mildew, and squeaking – that being exposed to adverse weather may cause a conventional site-built built home.
  13. Prefab construction results in a structurally stronger residence because the walls need to withstand being transported by truck.
  14. The money saved in factory assembly allows for more resources available to spend on upgraded finishes and fixtures.
  15. Panelized prefab home construction is an inherently green way to build, recognized in the green building certifications Mandala has achieved, including the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard. 
  16. With such precision construction, prefab homes are known for enhanced energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs. 
  17. Every member of the Mandala Homes team in our panelized facility brings specialized skills and expertise in a particular facet of innovative prefab home construction. This means higher quality and greater consistency.
  18. Prefab construction hasn’t fundamentally changed the way we build homes, but it’s inspired far more interest. As more green builders, architects, and everyday homeowners search for an innovative homebuilding alternative it has resulted in significant advancements in the process over the past two decades.
  19. When you purchase a Mandala Home package, enjoy peace of mind knowing that, from start to finish, our full home design and planning service is backed by over 70 years of house building expertise.