Mandala Custom healthy home

The importance of a healthy home cannot be overstated. It’s situations such as what we’re now experiencing that reaffirm Mandala Custom Homes’ commitment to health, safety, and wellbeing in every home we build.

The strangely shifting sand beneath our feet in this time of COVID-19 is truly unprecedented, not to mention a surreal new reality that all at once pairs standing still with immeasurable change.

But, as we take shelter in our homes for days, and probably weeks, on end, gathering our loved ones safely together, it becomes so very clear to us the sanctuary that our homes provide.

Mandala Custom Homes understands profoundly the idea of home as a reprieve – the place to which we retreat to rest, gather strength, and heal. This is, in fact, the founding and guiding principle of our round home design and building practices.

With a focus on health and healing – both for our families as well as the earth –  there are a variety of ways a Mandala Custom Homes round home promotes well-being with each home we build.

  • Sustainability rather than consumption. Our work is rooted in traditional design principles combined with innovative, performance-based building technology – architecture that nourishes the soul as it helps lower monthly energy costs. The nat­ural ther­mal dynam­ics of open-at-the-top archi­tec­ture and round space requires no exter­nal energy to cir­cu­late tem­per­a­ture. Circulating naturally and constantly, heated air rises towards the insu­lated, domed ceil­ing and moves upwards until it reaches the cen­tre sky­light, where it is cooler. The air then reacts by descending back to the floor where it then moves across to the walls and rises once again to repeat the cycle. This process requires less energy to maintain comfortable, consistent indoor temperatures, no matter the season.
  • A Mandala Custom Home is designed and built to be ENERGY STAR certified. Not only does this ensure that you live comfortably in all seasons, but it also saves our clients thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity while deeply reducing emissions. Every home we build delivers quality, performance, and savings, as well as consistent, predictable, and reliable efficiency, aligned with the values of Mandala Homes.
  • The innovative offsite manufacturing, or OSM, construction of our distinctive round homes provides beautiful spaces with minimal impact on the environment. We are committed to sustainability and energy-efficiency and understand panelized home construction to be an inherently green way to build, recognized by several green building certifications, including the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard.
  • Passive solar design. We incorporate the sun’s energy in the heating and cooling of our living spaces. It’s a design methodology that utilizes alternative, renewable – or green – energy. Solar design helps to foster a safe, healthy and sustainable means of harvesting energy rather than the harmful, often irreparable impacts of burning fossil fuels.
  • Our faceted round homes are naturally safer than a conventional home. They are additionally fortified for the most extreme hurricane-force winds, heavy snow loads, or earthquake conditions. We also offer fire-resistant insulation and cladding to help ensure a safer home for you, your family, and your investment.
  • Fast, factory, prefabricated, assembly. There is no exposure to the elements (as in conventional site-built construction) which can take its toll on materials impacting final construction: mold, mildew, popped nails, and screws, warping, and the increased likelihood of squeaky floors.
  • Reduces waste. Prefab tends to embrace a frugal use of resources – nothing used in the construction facility goes to waste. OSM means reduced construction material waste, less environmental interference at the job site, and easier cleanup.
  • No stressful cost overruns. Unlike a site-built home, where cost overruns are a common stressor; at Mandala Custom Homes, you get a guaranteed price for your home package.
  • A simple shape is far more sustainable than a complex one. 15 to 20% less mate­r­ial is used to cre­ate the same square foot build­ing com­pared to a rec­tan­gu­lar design! This allows for a smaller eco-footprint and less cost, without compromising living space.
  • A round Mandala Custom Home holds a unique energy. Our round homes offer clever space allo­ca­tion and the pow­er­ful and nat­ural move­ment of air and sound to create and maintain gentle,  healing energy. David Raitt, a yurt builder, describes circular living as “a bal­ance of look­ing inward and out­ward, look­ing out at the nat­ural envi­ron­ment and sur­round­ings but then com­ing in again to the self and the hearth.”
  • The curve of a round home softens sounds indoors. A Mandala Custom Homes round home provides a wonderful environment for rest, relaxation, and reflection. If you are a music lover or enjoy socializing it’s the acoustics that provides a perfect sound quality to enhance your indoor living experience.
  • Peaceful. The shape helps provide sound-proofing from noise outdoors, too. Sound waves dis­si­pate as they wrap around the build­ing, shield­ing the inte­rior from loud noises outside.
  • Surrounded by the warmth of wood. The wood interior embraces you with a sense of well-being that promotes a healthy and harmonious life.