20 reasons to build a Mandala Custom Homes net zero home

What is a net zero home and why should you build one? Here are 20 fabulous reasons why it’s the natural home choice.

In short, a net zero home draws its own energy from clean natural energy resources, attained from the home’s surroundings. The home, if truly net zero, will consume only as much energy as it takes to sustain itself and the activities within.

EnerGuide rates a home for its energy performance. The higher the rating – or the lower the Energuide number – the more efficient the home. In order to be considered net zero, a home will utilize only renewable sources of energy, such as solar power and micro hydro, and incorporate innovative building techniques that ensure the home produces net zero emissions.

These 20 reasons to build a net zero home will help clarify the many benefits – and why you can look to Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) to provide the ultimate in nurturing, healthy, and healing living environment:

1. Doing your part against climate change

Through an amalgamation of innovative design, technologies, and building techniques, a zero energy home produces net zero carbon emissions. Your home will not contribute to climate change. The MCH model is founded on our innovative Off-Site Manufacture (OSM) round home construction. Every Mandala home presents minimal impact on the environment while providing you an exquisitely and sensitively designed and inspired dwelling in harmony with nature.

2. Fresher, cleaner air indoors

Zero energy homes have airtight walls and incredibly efficient air circulation systems. With advanced ventilation systems, the home is provided with pre-cooled or pre-heated filtered, fresh air. Through these systems, the resulting air is free of outdoor allergens and pollutants that help keep your indoor air as clean and healthy as possible.

3. Reduce your living expenses

Energy bills are nearly, if not entirely, nil in a net zero home. You may incur a small monthly hook-up fee, but overall, from the moment you move in, your home costs are significantly less than a conventional home.

4. Protection from increasing energy costs

As we all know, energy prices are not static. You can count on energy costs fluctuating, if not consistently increasing, with each passing year. A zero energy home allows you count on a consistent amount that you’ll pay over time – essentially, zero or near zero – as your home is generating onsite the energy you need.

5. Net zero for durability

Innovative and durable building methodologies and materials help to make a net zero home, and a Mandala Custom Home, far more durable than a conventional home. In fact, MCH round houses are of such superior strength, they’re able to withstand all manner of extreme weather conditions and events, including heavy snowfall and hurricanes. This means your home will last for generations with far less maintenance and potentially costly repairs.

6. Enjoy exceptional comfort year round

With its cutting edge energy-efficiency and peaceful, user-friendly systems for cooling and heating, a net zero home provides a comfortable and pleasant living experience throughout the year, and no matter the weather.

7. Much healthier living

A zero energy home – and an MCH round home – is always constructed with health in mind, that of the environment and the homeowner. Net zero home building includes non-toxic materials, surfaces, and finishes, in addition to the aforementioned innovative fresh air systems. It all adds up to a much healthier home in which to live for many, many years.

8. Quiet, peaceful, relaxing

With its well-insulated wall structure and advanced window technology, a net zero home is built to be completely airtight. In addition to energy-efficiency, a wonderful biproduct is a home that is blissfully quiet and peaceful, insulated as much from outdoor noise as it is from the heat and cold.

9. Low maintenance living

Due to its durability and airtight construction and along with its advanced fresh air system, a net zero home is easier to keep clean and very low maintenance. Fresh, filtered air means you’ll experience less dust and easier house cleaning. And, as moisture can accumulate, unlike conventional construction, you’ll benefit from no water damage or mold.

10. Welcome the sun!

Through passive solar design methodologies, a zero energy home makes the absolute most of natural sun and daylight. You’ll experience a whole new relationship with the sun — powering your house as it fills your home with bright, warm, and inviting natural light.

11. Windows for light – NOT exchanging air

Did you know? Inefficient windows alone can account for as much as 15 percent of a home’s heating and cooling losses, and up to 25 percent of a home’s energy bill. This makes windows a fundamental component when it comes to the energy efficiency of any home. MCH takes advantage of today’s innovative and sophisticated glazing systems with a range of products that respond directly to heat and light conditions.

12. Enjoy paying less for water

A true net zero home will include water-saving fixtures and appliances – toilets, faucets, washing machines and dishwashers – to help you save significantly on water expenses.

13. Build zero energy anywhere

You can build a net zero home – or an MCH round home! – just about anywhere. From hot, tropical zones to dry, desert regions, to the extreme cold of Alaska, utilizing location-specific data, a zero energy home builder will tailor your home to the climate pattern of your building site, ensuring that your home is comfortable no matter where you build it.

14. Net zero offers higher value when you want to sell

Between the exceptional energy-efficiency, the advanced and innovative building and energy technologies, and it’s remarkable durability, a zero energy home will provide you with a very high resale value.

15. Rest easy knowing you’re using clean energy

Enjoy great peace of mind and freedom knowing you’re living in a home that is free from the pollution of fossil fuels. Your net zero or MCH round home has been built to utilize only clean, renewable sources of energy.

16. Hot water? Instant and abundant

Most net zero homes conserve hot water as they incorporporate either an energy-saving circulating hot water system or a centrally located hot water heater. Save on your water bill as you enjoy virtually instant hot water right to your sink, tub, or shower.

17. Energy-efficient lighting

Despite the abundance of natural lighting in most net zero homes, there is still the need for additional lighting. To make up the difference, strategically placed, energy-efficient lighting solutions are necessary. For example, energy-saving LED lights to suit your various spaces – bright light where you need it and soft lighting just where you want it.  

18. A smart investment

Your home is probably the most significant investment you’ll make in your lifetime – the biggest purchase by far. When you invest in a net zero home, you have the assurance that the technologies and innovations are forward-thinking and, essentially, built to the standards of the future. A zero energy home costs less to own from the moment you move in, and it’s an investment that will continue to pay a variety of beneficial dividends – not the least of which is your health and happiness – each and every day you live in it.

19. Positive, holistic, healing energy in your home

On the practical side, when you conserve more electricity than the average, your net zero home generates more than you use – a positive energy house. On the more ethereal side, a zero energy home, as with an MCH round home, offers an integration of the sacred into your everyday experience of living.  A Mandala Custom Homes round house is inspired by the harmony existing in nature and within the round spaces found in nature and throughout human evolution.

With panoramic views and wonderful acoustics, an MCH round home is an inspired space that promotes a sense of holistic health, peace, light, and exquisite harmony.

20. You will be a pioneer

Lead the way to a better future with your net zero home. You can feel good knowing that you are doing the best you can for both your family and the environment. With a zero energy, or a MCH round home, you can enjoy cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, innovative home design, building technologies, sustainability, and energy-efficiency for years and years to come.

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