Connected circles, the MCH Juniper Series prefab round homes

Connected circles, the MCH Juniper Series prefab round homes support the ultimate balance for living, working, rejuvenating.

A profoundly creative use of space, light, and faceted building technology, the Juniper Series features connected circles. Step into any room of this custom prefab round homes design and experience the ultimate in holistic living and balance.

With a variety of options of square footage, the Juniper, like all of our Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) offers a light-filled sense of spaciousness. But, with more than one faceted circular structure, it doubles down, to create the ultimate in round home living – no matter what room you’re in.

See the Juniper Series floor plans. 

Building on a long history of circular living

Human beings have been attracted to round living for centuries. We have an innate knowledge and understanding of the advantages of living amidst curved walls rather than exclusively straight. Living within a circle helps inspire ease, relaxation, creativity, and flow.

We understand that we experience enhanced harmony when we live in round spaces. When your home gracefully curves to envelope you, your family, and all of your activities therein, we feel a greater sense of connection and grounding. And when you include more than one circle, as with our Juniper Series, there’s a wonderful flow from one curved space to another.

For over a thousand years, cultures have embraced round living. From North American nomadic indigenous peoples of the plains and their tipis, to the Inuit of the far North, who still occasionally construct their domed igloos, to the various Mongolian communities who choose to live in yurts, or “gers”, round homes have historic roots across the globe.

MCH brings millennia of experience to bear in modern, technologically-forward dwellings to both honour the past and supports our natural instincts while providing a home that meets the demands of 21st-century life. When you choose a home from the MCH Juniper series, expect your dwelling to integrate gracefully into the landscape. It draws on the innate nature of the homeowner and our most innate connection to the circle and a strong history of round living.

Light, air, and space – the experience of round living

We flourish in a space that is flooded with fresh air and light. Now, more than ever in our lifetime have we felt a greater need for an airy, inviting space that promotes health and wellbeing. This is what a home should do.

It is, after all, your retreat from the world! An MCH faceted round prefab home such as those in our Juniper Series creates spaces that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Integrated with nature, based on the concepts of biophilia, an MCH home is where you find refuge from the stresses, demands, and chaos of everyday life.

A prefab custom home with multiple round structures from our Juniper Series is designed to maximize space and light to support all aspects of your health and wellness. It’s a tranquil and inviting refuge for you and your family – heal and nurture – amidst curves and nature.

Without compromising functionality. While we tap into our human history, MCH custom homes are beautifully modern and adapted to suit the most demanding lifestyle – work, school, relaxation. Each of our homes in the Juniper Series offers the ultimate versatility and comfort – all the benefits of modern circular living. Remember, these are custom homes. We design each plan to meet your unique needs – for your family, lifestyle, and surroundings.

MCH is ALL about sustainable living. Every MCH home is constructed using energy-efficient, low waste prefabrication methods. We offer non-toxic wood finishes and preservatives and can build with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood upon request. We’ll help guide you as you choose sustainable options for finishing your new Mandala Custom Home.

Our triple bottom line – health of the planet, the people, and sustainability – is the foundation of our business. It’s a philosophy that guides every decision we make and every structure we build. We believe in the concept of the circle and interconnection between all living things.

See the Juniper Series floor plans. 

MCH custom round prefab homes are ENERGY STAR certified

As with all homes in the MCH lineup, every home in the Juniper Series is ENERGY STAR certified. They’ve achieved an EnerGuide rating of 86 – quite an accomplishment. If you’re unfamiliar, an EnerGuide rating is a standard measure of a home’s energy performance. For context, a rating of 100 represents a home that is very well insulated, completely airtight, appropriately ventilated and requires no purchased energy.

A rating of 86 reflects how energy-efficient MCH prefab custom round homes are. As a result, our homeowners enjoy significant cost savings and sustainability for the life of the home.

See the Juniper Series floor plans. 

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