Mandala Custom Homes - Home Design Trends 2023 - Prefab and Sustainability

Nature, prefab, and sustainability top the list of home design trends in 2023 – no surprise to the MCH team!

While we’ve been at it for over two decades, prefab homebuilding is only relatively recently considered very much the future of construction. Despite the fact that, for years, many of us have understood that it really is the present of construction. Regardless, the Mandala Custom Homes (MCH) team gets a lot of gratification out of seeing custom prefab building on more and more annual trends lists.

With the new year nearly upon us, we like to see what design trends, 2023 and beyond, to see we can look forward to. We already know that prefab building has become something of a staple when it comes to green building and sustainability. But, as the interiors reflect the growing interest and need for sustainable and nature-inspired living, it’s extra gratifying as we’ve incorporated both since MCH’s beginnings.

While the past few years have confirmed the viability of prefab and our specific panelized approach to homebuilding, we still like to see the popularity of sustainability, biophilia, and hygge-inspired interiors taking greater hold year after year. For fun, here’s a look at some of the home design trends emerging for 2023:

Nature-inspired home decor tops design trends in 2023

Fortunately, we think this trend is here to stay! And bringing the outdoors in prevails as one of the most in-demand design elements for the next year. And, of course, beyond! Home design trends for 2023 are increasingly all about nature and sustainability.

The fact is, sustainable living and the associated decor rely on the concept of bringing nature indoors. Whether it’s nature-inspired colours such as soft blues, greens, and browns (see below!) that calm and please the eye, materials like rattan and wicker, or the return of earthy macrame, nature dominates 2023 interior design.

Prefab home packages and construction

We’ve written at length about how much faster and more cost-effective prefab building is compared to traditional home construction.  In short, taking a stick-built home to lock up compared to a prefab can take up to 50% longer. That, along with the many other benefits, is why the experts believe prefab building is the future of construction.

It should come as no surprise that so many lists of home design trends for 2023 include prefab homes.

Back in 2006, developers and builders saw an increase in the popularity of modular and prefabricated home construction. After the 2008/2009 crash, the sector took a bit of a hit. But, on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, prefab has seen a huge jump.  Simply, people are gaining a better understanding of how much less prefab costs to manufacture.

One of the biggest cost savings with a prefab or penalized home is because there is far less waste to build compared to stick-built. Prefab or panelized construction happens in a factory. In the case of MCH, every home gets constructed inside our state-of-the-art Off-Site Manufacture (OSM) facility. As a result, construction takes far less time to construct and prepare for easy assembly at the building site. So much time saved only contributes to the overall cost and materials savings of home construction.

Sustainable home building

Many more people want to live in homes that better promote sustainability and energy efficiency. That means homebuilding that more consciously considers everything from building materials to HVAC systems to appliances and fixtures.

Committed to creating sustainable dwellings and other structures, MCH is partnered with Built Green, a Master Builders Association certification. We look to holistic building technologies and sustainable building practices to ensure we meet all the criteria of a performance or Net Zero home. A lot of consideration goes into the most innovative building materials, efficient windows, doors and HVAC equipment, electrical and water use, appropriate site orientation, and builder practices.

design trends in 2023 – browns are beautiful